You may be wondering what exactly is involved in working as a Realtor.  What do we do to keep busy and actually sell a property?  There are countless hats that I wear as a Real Estate Broker.  The beauty of my role is that these tasks and responsibilities change from property to property, client to client. From encourager, to professional mind-maker-upper, to connector, contractor, negotiator, assessor, counsellor, therapist, babysitter, marketer, writer, chauffeur, tour guide, administrator, cleaner, confidante, and more… the elements that my role involves vary greatly, and keep each day interesting.

There are some basic steps that remain unchanged throughout the process that I’d like to unpack a little further here so that you can better understand what goes in to my representation on your behalf. If you’re curious about the work that goes into getting your property SOLD, and the effort involved with completing this task professionally, proficiently, successfully, take a look at just some of the tasks that keep me busy when working hard to sell your home!

  • Determine market value after analyzing market, area comparables, and assessment of property details
  • Identify work/upgrades/renovations/maintenance required for optimal listing presentation
  • Refer and coordinate trusted service providers to complete necessary tasks, assisting homeowner to prepare property for the market
  • Monitor market conditions to verify timing, pricing, and sales strategy is on point
  • Draft necessary paperwork and compliance documents for the listing
  • Prepare listing description, notes and details
  • Coordinate professional photographer to capture photos and media for listing presentation
  • Coordinate marketing materials including online media and presentation, signage, printed advertising
  • Network with sphere to advertise and promote the listing to Realtors and prospective Buyers
  • Schedule and confirm showings and opportunities for Buyers to view the property
  • Field questions and inquiries from potential Buyers
  • Follow up on showings to acquire feedback
  • Quality prospective Buyers
  • Gather offers and communicate with others regarding the offer process
  • Strategically negotiate offers
  • Coordinate signatures to fully execute legal contracts
  • Facilitate process and necessary steps for Buyer to fulfill conditions
  • Submit paperwork to administration for processing
  • Liaise between relevant parties such as lenders and lawyers to ensure paperwork is in order
  • Schedule walk throughs on property between negotiations and closing
  • Provide assistance and support with necessary steps of packing and moving

If you’d like to discuss these items further, please let me know. Each one of these points could become a blog post of their own, and there is plenty of additional information to share related to each task!  Not all Realtors execute the same strategies… and not all Realtors offer the same level of service and care.  Understanding these differences is key to ensure you’re receiving top notch representation to get the job done!

Happy Selling!

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