Thinking about Selling?

The decision to sell your home is not always easy to make.  Long before you can think about passing off your keys, much thought must go into understanding the market, the real estate process, as well as preparing your home, and thinking about where you’ll move once a successful sale takes place. Many questions may arise such as When should I sell? How will prospective Buyers view my home? How much is my home worth? These questions can seem endless, and sometimes overwhelming. Nicole will put your mind at ease. Let her guide you through the process from start to finish.

1. Find a Realtor you can count on and trust: Choosing the right realtor to represent you in your real estate endeavors will make all the difference in your home selling experience. A professional who is protecting your best interests will eliminate unnecessary hiccups in the process, ensure that you make a wise and financially sound investment, and guide you through each step of the moving process. Nicole is experienced in all of these areas and she is eager to exceed your expectations while leaving you with confidence and comfort as you settle into wherever ‘home’ might be.

2. Understanding the Process: The process of selling your property and the factors that may influence this endeavor are important to understand. Nicole will educate you on market conditions, consumer preferences, marketing strategies, and the implications regarding every decision you make throughout the process of selling your home. Nicole will make certain that you are informed and aware of each step of your real estate journey, allowing you to navigate the process with confidence.

3. Determining Market Value: Establishing the value of your home is no small feat. Many factors are considered – condition, location, style, size, recently sold comparables, and market trends are just some of the variables that impact price. Determining a competitive price is a task Nicole doesn’t take lightly. Looking for feedback regarding the market value of your home? Let’s have a coffee. We would love to chat with you about developing a competitive market analysis, and a plan to successfully promote your home.

4. Preparing your Property: Impressing a scrupulous Buyer is important to capitalize on the sale of your property. Your efforts to declutter, organize, purge, stage, and present your home at its best will pay dividends. Not sure where to begin? Nicole will guide you through the priorities, offering step by step suggestions about how to make the most of your sale.

5. Documents to Sign: Take a look at what the Listing Agreement includes.

6. Marketing your Home: Nicole’s efforts produce results. Once your home is listed, Nicole will be ready to get it sold! A competitive marketing strategy is imperative to expose your home to the public, and Nicole has the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure that your property will be well-received. With time-old strategies combined with up-and-coming techniques, Nicole’s approach will always ensure you’re one step ahead.

7. Navigating Showings: Allowing strangers to tour your home might sound intimidating! Rest assured, each showing will be accompanied by a licensed Realtor who will guide their client through your property with utmost care and respect. You will have the opportunity to approve each showing, so you’ll know exactly when prospective Buyers are coming and going. Our digital lock-box will ensure your home is secure, offering full accountability regarding who is entering, and exactly when they lock up again too.

8. Negotiating an Offer: Nicole will use her experienced skills to ensure your sale benefits you as much as possible. From terms, to price, to peace of mind, Nicole will walk you through the process and outline your options each step of the way.

9. Preparing for Moving Day: Although your offer may be firm, Nicole’s job is far from done. Submitting paperwork to third parties such as the bank and your lawyer, providing helpful hints as your closing day approaches, offering checklists to simplify the chore of packing, and providing useful contacts to update your utilities are all part of Nicole’s role to streamline your move. Until the dust settles, she is determined to ease the hassles of moving in every way possible.

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