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Found a place. Check.  Contract signed. Check.  Closing date set.  Check.  Now the real work begins.  Planning your move should begin well before moving day. For a smooth transition to your new home, take some time to think through the process from start to finish.

Begin packing as early in the moving process as practicably possible:

  • Cushion the bottom and sides of boxes first
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and light items in large boxes
  • Packed boxes should not exceed 30 pounds
  • When packing, go room by room, combining contents of rooms to speed up packing and unpacking
  • Make a list and keep track of what is in each box
  • Label boxes by room so movers know where to put them
  • Note box contents to help prioritize which boxes to unpack first
  • Wrap breakables in newsprint, paper towel, clothes, or linens, label appropriate boxes “FRAGILE” to avoid breakage or damage
  • Fill your washer and dryer with clothes, linens, and other light items to utilize space
  • Wrap and secure cords to electrical appliances
  • Do not use tape on furniture – instead, use rope or elastic to secure doors and drawers to avoid damage to finishes
  • Prepare a ‘moving day kit’ with essentials to help for the big day. Items to include:
    • Basic tools, extension cords, pail, rags, cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, disposable plates/cups/cutlery, coffeemaker
  • Set aside personal items and a few changes of clothes to have on hand for a day or two over the moving process. This will remove any urgency to locate the contents of your dressers or closet if they’re buried in boxes or en route to your new home.


  • Combustibles
  • Flammables
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Jewelry
  • Important documentation
  • Prescription Medication

Making your Move 

Change of Address Checklist

O Electricity O Accountant
O Natural Gas O Bank
O Water O Broker
O Telephone O Credit Cards
O Internet/Cable Service Provider O Insurance company
O Mobile Phone O Investment companies
O Water O Lawyer
O Water Heater Rental O Lenders
Healthcare Government Offices
O Dentist O Federal & Provincial Revenue Agencies
O Doctor O Driver’s license
O Drug store O Health card
O Optometrist O Library
O Massage Therapist O Post office
O Chiropractor
Subscriptions Miscellaneous
O Magazines O Employers
O Newspapers O Business Associates
O Professional


O Friends
O Relatives
O School (Alumni)


Making your Move :: Moving Checklist

8 Weeks Before Moving Day…

  • Call moving company for estimates
  • Remove and dispose of unnecessary possessions from your closets, attic, basement, storage shed, etc.
  • Begin compiling an inventory of your possessions
  • Draft a floor plan of your new home to help you decide what furnishings will go where
  • Start using up items that won’t or don’t need to be moved such as perishables and stored food
  • Open a file of moving-related papers, receipts, and documentation
  • Arrange to transfer your children’s school records
  • Request referral from healthcare providers to areas in your new neighbourhood if applicable and transfer relevant records
  • Begin packing items such as:
  • Off-season items: coats, clothes, sports equipment and holiday decorations.
  • Decorations: pictures, paintings, vases, candles, decorative objects, statues, etc.
  • Bed and bath: extra linen, blankets, pillows, throws, towels and toiletries.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day…

  • Contact your tax advisor for tax-deductible information
  • Evaluate your possession inventory and dispose of any unwanted items (consider a moving/garage sale, donations to charity)
  • Secure off-site storage if applicable
  • Locate schools, healthcare professions and hospitals in your new location
  • Notify contacts of your change of address (See “Change of Address Checklist”)
  • Choose a mover and secure a contract with them
  • Contact your homeowners insurance agent about coverage for moving – take note of packed belongings in order to file insurance claim if necessary. Record serial numbers of electronic equipment and take photos of valuable possessions

4 Weeks Before Moving Day…

  • Send furniture, drapes, carpets for repair/cleaning as needed
  • Contact utility companies with date to discontinue/transfer services. Also arrange for final readings and bills, including refunds on prepaid services if necessary  (See “Updating your Utilities”)
  • Arrange for refund of security deposit if leaving a rental property
  • Discontinue additional home services: (housekeeper, gardener/lawn care, snow removal, pool cleaner)

Begin packing items such as:

  • Office: books, magazines, software and other infrequently used office equipment
  • Entertainment: CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, board games, video games and toys. Keep some to carry you over until the move
  • Kitchen: cookbooks, extra tableware and specialty items such as a fondue or sushi set, crock pot, indoor grill, bread maker, deep fryer, mixer, juicer and china
  • Tools, materials and small equipment: stored in the garage, attic, shed and closets

3 Weeks Before Moving Day…

  • Make travel plans, if necessary
  • Arrange childcare for moving day

2 Weeks Before Moving Day…

  • Arrange transport for pets and plants
  • Contact moving company and review arrangements for upcoming move
  • Arrange for help on moving day
  • Reserve elevator if moving to or from an apartment

1 Week Before Moving Day…

  • Pack moving essential boxes, important documents, travel clothes, personal items, and prescription medications

2-3 Days Before Moving Day…

  • Confirm final arrangements with mover
  • Double Check closets, drawers, shelves, attic and garage to ensure nothing is forgotten or left behind.
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